Waterproofing, Flooring, and Insulation Specialist.

Waterproofing is very critical to keep building structure long lasting and prevent any damage to it's interior. Flooring is an important part of the building. It has to be safe, functional, serve it's purpose as well as aesthetically match to the building design. Insulation has become the requirement for a building to safe energy and green to the environment.


There are many waterproofing system available in the market but not all proven to be liable. We could help you specify which waterproofing are the best for each area, either for roof deck, swimming pool, water tank, basement, toilet, planter box, etc to assure you that your building are fully protected from water damage.


Flooring Our flooring including floor coating and floor hardener for every purpose in various business and industry. With support by our experience applicator, we'll assure you the best quality of product and service.


Requirement of thermal insulation in the building has been growing rapidly as it has been proven to save a lot of electricity cost. We provide various of thermal insulation to suit your budget and needs, from flexible insulation, XPS, PIR until Soffit system.

Other Building Material Supply

We also provide many other building material including: repair products, joint treatment products, drainboard, pedestal, bonding agent, tile Adhesive, tile grout, and stone treatment products.

Various Quality-Based Products..

In Rangalo CLP, we work hand in hand with our Principals to grow their business in the region and to ensure our customer will get the best products and support from the manufacturer, according to their standard and specification

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